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Hi! I'm Kelly, and it's an honor to have you here! 

I am a certified Jungian Psychology Coach (Relationship Specialist), Intuitive Healer, Mystic Astrologer, and Reiki Practitioner. My passion is helping people remember who they are on a soul level, drop into deep self worth, reclaim their inner power, strengthen their intuition, and rise into a soul led life. My grounded approach to spirituality will give you practical tools and solutions to up-level your everyday life.

I believe it’s important to meet self discovery with curiosity, compassion, and an open heart through a trauma informed lens. It’s our natural birthright to live a life of authenticity, joy, passion, creativity and love in this life. You didn't come here to live small and dim your light, it's time for your soul remembrance and liberation. 


Through my own deep soul discovery, I began to see the ways in which I was leaking my power, not in alignment with my true purpose, and not fully honoring my intuitive gifts. Once I went inward and really asked myself the deep questions the soul aligned answers started coming. This inner work is deep, empowering, and transformational but can also be uncomfortable so I will be in your corner, supporting you with a compassionate, safe, and trauma informed space. If you feel stuck or lost, I hear you. You’re closer than you think, all the answers are already within you. Take your power back by looking for the answers within yourself and go from unconscious conditioning to soul intentioned living!

Your soul is waiting, and you are SO ready to RISE.




MYSTIC ASTROLOGER —  Rising Woman Apprenticeship with Andrea Dupuis 

REIKI PRACTITIONER — American Reiki Academy

INTUITIVE HEALER — Desiree Lanz School of Intuition and Energetic Arts

NARCISSISTIC ABUSE TRAUMA INFORMED COACH - School of Embodied Trauma Informed Living (In Training) 

BRAINSPOTTING FACILITATOR - School of Embodied Trauma Informed Living (In Training) 

FEMININE RITES OF PASSAGE PRACTITIONER - Maiden To Mother Teacher Training by Sarah Durham Wilson (In Training)

BA, MUSIC BUSINESS AND COMMUNICATION — Summa Cum Laude, University Of Southern California

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