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Mentoring Packages

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Soul Reclamation

6 Month Mentoring Package​

12 Bi-Weekly 50 Minute 1:1 Sessions 

This is my highest recommended program as it is a true commitment to self. Where we can really take a deep dive together, towards your personal liberation. 

What we can work on together:


Trauma Informed Healing 

Get to the root cause of unhealed trauma and go from post traumatic stress to post traumatic growth.


Subconscious Healing Visualizations & Meditation

About 90% of our decisions come from the subconscious mind. Visualization is a powerful tool in reprogramming deeply held beliefs and patterns. 

Brainspotting Therapy

Brainspotting utilizing the brain's natural ability to heal and process trauma by focusing on specific eye positions that correspond to stored emotional experiences, releasing deep-seated emotional and physical distress, leading to profound healing.


Somatic Experiencing 

Somatic experiencing is a “bottom up” approach using tools help us to release emotional energy stored in the body. 


Nervous System Mapping 

Learn to identify patterns of activation and become your own self healer by learning how to regulate your nervous system. Polyvagal Theory Informed.


Inner Child Healing & Conscious Reparenting 

Make contact with and nurture little you to heal emotional and psychological wounds from the past. Learn to meet her needs today through Conscious Reparenting.


IFS - Internal Family Systems 

Get to know, heal, and integrate your protector parts so you can reclaim your innate wholeness. All parts are welcome. 

The Emotion Code

A modality using muscle testing on the subconscious to identify and releases trapped emotions from the past causing emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual blockages today.


Intuition & Spirituality 

Learn the language of your Intuition and honor it. Cultivate your spiritual connection to build a larger sense of trust and purpose.


Feminine Rites Of Passage Work 

Unlock your Archetypal journey into the mature feminine.


Shadow Work 

Uncover and integrate the repressed and rejected parts of self to live from a place of wholeness. 



Bridge the gap of your unconscious and conscious mind, uncover unresolved emotions, and gain insight and guidance. 


Energy & Sound Healing 

Balance and restore the energy flow in the body, promoting emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. 



Uncover deeper layers of the self through your birth chart.  


Narcissist Abuse Recovery

Break free from toxic patterning, become an empowered empath, heal co-dependency, and go from CPTSD to Post Traumatic Growth. Heal from the multilayered trauma of this unique form of abuse. 


Inner Masculine Healing 

The Inner Masculine can be accessed, healed, and integrated through the subconscious. Healing the wounded masculine in this world begins within. 


BONUS Offerings
Email Access (once a week support) 
Homework aka 'Lovework'
Personalized Journal Prompts & Worksheets
Book Recs

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Soul Discovery

3 Month Mentoring Package​

6 Bi-Weekly 50 Minute 1:1 Sessions 


With this package we can really start to deeper understand our true self and begin to make the unconscious conscious.  


What We Can Work On Together:

See Above 

BONUS Offering
Homework aka 'Lovework'

Client Love Notes

“As a woman who has experimented with a variety of western and eastern therapies throughout her lifetime, I can full heartedly say that Kelly Austin’s practice is unlike any I’ve come across. Within moments of our first meeting, Kelly was able to deep dive into what was holding me emotionally (and physically) stunted – as though she was looking into my soul. Her advice, kind demeanor and wisdom hit home for me – as though a lightbulb was being lit for the first time in decades within my body and mind. Within one sitting, I was able to understand things about myself that no one has been able to point out. For those on the path of healing and/or self-improvement, you’ll be doing yourself an incredible service by meeting with her. Kelly not only will help your journey spiritually, but she will help you see and cultivate the most pure and beautiful version of yourself.”

Lia Maiuri

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