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Mentoring Packages

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Soul Reclamation

6 Month Mentoring Package​

12 Bi-Weekly 50 Minute 1:1 Sessions 

3 Month Mentoring Package​

6 Bi-Weekly 50 Minute 1:1 Sessions 

OR DEEP DIVE Package - 

12  2 Hour 1:1 Sessions

Or 6 2 Hour 1:1 Sessions

(Also customizable to your individual needs) 

What we can work on together:


Trauma Informed Care

Internal Family Systems 

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is an approach that views the psyche as consisting of various sub-"parts," each with its own unique intentions that arise to protect a core wound. The goal of IFS is to help individuals recognize and harmonize these parts, leading to greater internal wholeness and self-compassion. (Includes Inner Child Healing & Conscious Reparenting)  

Somatic Experiencing 

Somatic Experiencing (SE) recognizes that trauma is stored in the body and focuses on releasing this trapped energy through awareness of bodily sensations. By gently guiding individuals to track their bodily experiences, SE aims to help them renegotiate and resolve the lingering effects of trauma, restoring a sense of safety and resilience.

Polyvagal Nervous System Mapping 

A process that helps individuals understand and regulate their own autonomic nervous system responses. Through guided exploration, clients learn to recognize different states of arousal, such as safety, fight/flight, freeze, and fawn. This awareness can lead to greater self-regulation and internal resilience. 

Brainspotting Therapy

Brainspotting utilizes the brain's inherent ability to heal and process trauma by focusing on specific eye positions that correspond to stored emotional experiences, releasing deep-seated emotional and physical distress, leading to profound healing.

Narcissist Abuse Recovery

Untangle yourself from the web of abuse. Understand the psychology and tactics of a Narcissist to learn how to best protect yourself from the multilayered forms of abuse. Heal any learned co-dependency, address any sources of entanglement within from the root, and recover your whole and true self. Heal your nervous system and go from CPTSD to Post Traumatic Growth. 

Jungian Psychology -

Subconscious Re-programming & Active Imagination

Unlock the power of your subconscious mind through intentional reprogramming and active imagination. By doing so, you can reclaim control over your life, making decisions from your true self rather than from conditioned responses. Visualization becomes a potent ally, allowing you to transform deeply ingrained, disempowering beliefs and patterns into sources of strength and empowerment.


Dream work is a powerful tool in uncovering deeper meaning, insight, and guidance into your subconscious mind. By engaging with symbols, themes, and emotions present in your dreams, you can uncover hidden and unresolved emotions, patterns, desires, and fears. Dreams can be used to ask for healings, deepen a connection with the unseen realms, and give great guidance through any life challenges. 

Shadow Work 

Shadow work explores the unconscious aspects of the personality that were repressed or denied. By acknowledging and integrating these shadow elements, individuals can live from a more authentic and liberated sense of self, reclaiming your innate wholeness.

Other Holistic Modalities - 

The Emotion Code

A healing modality that aims to identify and release trapped emotions, which are unresolved emotional energies from past experiences, using muscle testing on the subconscious to pinpoint the root of the trapped emotions, then uses an energy based technique to release them. The goal is to help individuals experience greater emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being.


Energy & Sound Healing 

Reiki and sound therapy are both gentle yet powerful healing modalities that works on all levels - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. These modalities help clear personal blockages, release emotional traumas, improve mental clarity, heal the nervous system, and bring greater spiritual awareness. Restoring balance and harmony within. 



Astrology is a map of the soul and your unique path this lifetime. Your birth chart can illuminate your soul gifts, dharma, and growth challenges and lessons to overcome, as well as practical tools for working with the energies and influences that shape your path.

Intuition & Spirituality 

Cultivate your spiritual connection to build a larger sense of trust, meaning, depth, and purpose. Learn the language of your unique Intuition and honor it. Deepen your connection and trust to your inner wisdom and guidance system. 

Feminine Rites Of Passage Work 

Feminine Rites of Passage Work invites individuals to embark on a transformative journey into the depths of their feminine psyche, engaging deep archetypal wisdom, and through the use of ritual and ceremony. Most supportive for any major life transition. 

& More 


BONUS Offerings
Email Access Between Sessions 
Homework aka 'Lovework'
Personalized Journal Prompts 
Book Recs

Oracle Card Readings

Reiki Boosts

Client Love Notes

“As a woman who has experimented with a variety of western and eastern therapies throughout her lifetime, I can full heartedly say that Kelly Austin’s practice is unlike any I’ve come across. Within moments of our first meeting, Kelly was able to deep dive into what was holding me emotionally (and physically) stunted – as though she was looking into my soul. Her advice, kind demeanor and wisdom hit home for me – as though a lightbulb was being lit for the first time in decades within my body and mind. Within one sitting, I was able to understand things about myself that no one has been able to point out. For those on the path of healing and/or self-improvement, you’ll be doing yourself an incredible service by meeting with her. Kelly not only will help your journey spiritually, but she will help you see and cultivate the most pure and beautiful version of yourself.”

Lia Maiuri

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