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The Untethered Soul By Michael A. Singer

Who are you really? The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer asks all the right questions and is a beautiful guide to self discovery, inner freedom, and spiritual awakening. I was gifted this book by a dear friend and it launched me deep into my own self discovery and spiritual awakening. Upon giving me this book she asked me, who are YOU? I said well, I’m Kelly Austin! She said “wrong”! After a few more attempts at answering this question and getting the answer “wrong” I had to know more and go deeper. The truth that I came to realize is that I am not Kelly Austin, I am so much greater than that, I am my soul, I am consciousness, I am infinite. I hope in recommending this book I can pay forward some of the knowledge and insights I was kindly gifted. 

Immediately upon reading this book, my relationship to my inner dialogue changed. We all have that little voice inside our head, constantly chattering, trying to make sense of who we are in this world. I began to see that I am not my thoughts and emotions, I am the witness and observer of them, the one listening. I love the suggestion he makes to approaching that voice like your overprotective roommate. When you change your perspective your fears and hurts no longer have the same hold on you. This opened up a vast space and tolerance of allowing emotions and thoughts, letting them pass like waves, knowing that I am in fact the ocean. 

If you are a human being with inner thoughts and emotions, this book is for you. The way Michael approaches spirituality is easily digestible and attainable to any reader. He incorporates lessons from mindfulness and meditation to approach your relationship to the self in a way that is simple and yet profound. This book is for anyone looking to deepen their self awareness and discover the vastness of who they truly are. I recommend this book to anyone who does not know how to escape negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs. To anyone that gets lost in their emotions. To anyone who feels like external things keep happening to them and they don’t know how to take their power back. To anyone who wants to look deeper and ask, who am I really? What is tethering your soul on this earth are the illusions of your ego. Singer points out that you are not your ego, you are your soul observing your ego in this life. Your soul is timeless, infinite. You are so much more than your persona and identity you’ve built. He points out that even deep in meditation, you realize your Self (soul) still exists with or without form. In order to free yourself, the goal is to untether yourself to your attachments and ego persona. Who you really are is the vastness of your soul, your soul is simply having an earthly experience. This book brings greater self awareness to the difference of your ego self and your soul Self.  Your ego thoughts are based on the persona you identify with in this lifetime. Your soul Self is pure love, pure truth, infinite.

Some of the key lessons and takeaways from this book are you are not your thoughts, you must not resist and to flow with the energy of life, to transcend fear with the art of letting go, to transcend your ego realizing that you are pure awareness, to be present and loosen your attachments, to keep your heart open in order to let love in, and that your soul is love, it is unbreakable. Once you begin to change your perspective and relationship to your Self, everything changes in your highest good. 

“What does it feel like to identify more with Spirit than with form? You used to walk around feeling anxiety and tension; now you walk around feeling love. You just feel love for no reason. Your backdrop is love. Your backdrop is openness, beauty, and appreciation. You don’t make yourself feel that way; that is how Spirit feels … You don’t claim to understand what is happening to you; you just know that as you go further and further back, it gets more and more beautiful.” – Michael Singer, The Untethered Soul

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